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Back Massage

Neuromuscular Therapy Massage 

Neuromuscular Physical Therapy is a form of soft tissue ( skin,muscles, ligaments, tendons) manipulation which is very effective in relieving muscular and nerve pain resulting from an injury, accident, occupational or sports activities.

Types of dysfunction which respond well to this treatment:

  • Sciatica

  • Whiplash

  • Frozen Shoulder

  • Rotator Cuff injury

  • Tennis & Golfer Elbow

  • Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

  • Temporomandibular joint dysfunction

  • Migraines

Muscular & Nerve Pain is associated with the following factors:

  • Ischemia

  • Trigger Points

  • Nerve Entrapment/Compression

  • Nutrition

  • Posture

  • Stress

Sport Massage 

Sports massage on leg

 Sports massage is ideal to treat injuries, as well as acting as a preventative treatment in dealing with the health of muscle and connective tissue. Sport massage focuses on areas of the body that are overused and stressed from repetitive and often aggressive movements. Sport Massage is one of the most effective forms of injury rehabilitation therapy for speeding up the healing process. Sports massages approaches muscles more deeply and includes intrusive techniques.

What conditions can Sports Massage help with?

  • Pain or discomfort

  • Loss of mobility

  • Restriction of movement

  • Postural’s Problems

  • Sprain and strains

  • Sore neck ,back, shoulders

  • frozen shoulder

  • pulled hamstring

  • treating specific injuries

  • healing of injuries to the muscles and tendons

What are the Benefits of Sports massage therapy?

  • promotes flexibility

  • reduces fatigue

  • improves endurance

  • helps prevent injuries

  • its ability to target muscle-tendon junctions

  • help athletes prepare their bodies for optimal performance

  • helps athletes recover after a big event

  • enhances pre-event preparation

  • reduce recovery time for maximum performance

  • prevention and healing of injuries to the muscles and tendons.

  • enhance performance in sporting activities and trainings.

Sports Massage Therapy is NOT only for Athletes. Is for everyone who:

  • participates in any type of regular exercise

  • has a specific problem/ injury

  • is in rehabilitation phase

Scoliosis Treatment

lymphatic drainage.JPG

Scoliosis is an abnormal curvature and twisting of the spine.

As the spine curves sideways forming an “S” or long “C” shape rather than a straight line, the individual vertebrae also change their position, rotate and twist pulling the ribs out of shape. This may create prominence or “hump” on one side of the back.

Scoliosis may occur due to the result of disease or injury however 70 – 80 % of cases are classified as idiopathic; that is there is no known cause.
All these changes in our body are possible because of muscles weakness and imbalance. Weak, overloaded, stretched or shortened muscles lose their supportive function. These muscle imbalances cause further problems like uneven weight distribution and enforce the “scoliotic balance” of the body

This may lead to:
– Pain due to pressure on the spinal cord and nerves
– Degenerative changes in the spine

– Vertebrae and discs becoming compressed and wedged on one side.

-Vertebral slippage combined with rotation and even subluxation may result.
– “Frozen chest”: limited chest expansion, which can lead (in severe cases) to decreased breathing capacity
– Overall limited spine motion.
– Flat back syndrome

Therefore treatment must primary improve posture, restore balance, starting from the feet, legs and hips so the body can regain its original shape and be able to hold the spine in its normal upright position.

Using a mixture of  neuromuscular techniques(NMT) and the Schroth method helps to improve posture, reduce pain, relax muscles, improve flexibility, increase lung capacity and stop curve progression.

The treatment is not a quick fix (but in very mild imbalances patients can notice improvements quite rapidly). It requires commitment, education and self-awareness.

A treatment based on the Schroth Method consists of special breathing techniques and exercises to correct the spine in three dimensions because scoliosis is a three dimensional deformity.

The purpose of these exercises is lengthening, deflection and de-rotation of the spine plus de-rotation of the ribs and pelvis.

Scoliosis can develop at any age, but in children it is a much serious problem because it can progress rapidly.


Scoliosis can often go unnoticed in its early years and is rarely painful in its formative stage.
It may be detected by symptoms such as:
-One shoulder appears higher than the other.
– One shoulder blade is more prominent that the other.
-The head seems shifted off to one side.
-A tendency to lean to one side.
-The waist is uneven.
-One hips seems higher than the other.
-A rib hump on one side of the back.
-A greater distance between the arm and the body on one side than on the other when the arms are hanging down loosely at the side.

Treatment :

The mixture of Schroth and NMT techniques sums up to:

  1.  Posture assessment and education.

  2.  Orthopaedic massage and neuromuscular techniques including soft tissue release, muscle energy techniques, positional release, strain-counter strain and more.

  3.  A home programme that involves exercises and appropriate breathing techniques.

Please bring/wear sports bra and shorts.

Dry Needling 


This is a general term for a therapeutic treatment that involves insertion of a sterile, single use Acupuncture needle into the muscle (not necessarily into a Myofascial Trigger Point) to reduce tension, pain and dysfunction. Once in place, needles are left for a period of a few to 30 minutes. It has been seen that acute conditions respond to short needling time, whereas chronic conditions respond to longer durations. Insertion of the needle stimulates peripheral nerves, sending messages to our brain telling it to release opioid peptides – endorphins.

Endorphins are not only our “feel good hormones” but also powerful natural pain relievers, they enhance the immune system, reduce stress and produce a feeling of euphoria.

In the treatment of Myofascial Trigger Points (tight, tender knots within the muscle) insertion of the needle can elicit a local twitch response (LTR). It might be painful for a second, but it is a good sign and won’t last long.

The condition for which Dry Needling is indicated for


  • Myofascial pain

  • Low back pain

  • Peripheral nerve injuries

  • Sciatica

  • Knee pain

  • Tennis elbow

  • Rheumatoid arthritis


Dry Needling with Electrical Stimulation

This is a modified form of the treatment in which an electrical currant is applied between pairs of acupuncture needles. The device used controls the frequency and strength of the electrical current being delivered and it may have a greater effect than dry needling on its own. This may help to decrease pain and keep it at bay for longer in lower back pain, peripheral nerve injury, increased tissue repair, reduction of muscle spasticity and a greater effect on the immune system.


Electrical Stimulation should be avoided in the following conditions:

  • Pacemaker/ spinal cord stimulator/ deep brain stimulator/ insulin pump

  • Pregnancy (first trimester)

  • Severe arterial disease

  • Bleeding disorder

  • Undiagnosed fever

  • Malignant tumours

  • Unstable epilepsy

  • Needle phobia or over anxiousness

At no time should there be pain during this treatment

Pranic Healing 


Pranic Healing is an effective and powerful no touch healing therapy based on the fundamental principle that the body has the innate ability to heal itself.

GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui, modern founder of Pranic Healing, developed Pranic Healing over a 20 year period using experimentation and evidence-based research. It is used to heal a wide range of physical and psychological ailments and can be used to enhance any area of your life.

 Pranic Healing can provide relief and assist with:

  • Stress 

  • Quitting any substance abuse

  • Anxiety 

  • Back pain 

  • Depression 

  • Hypertension

  • Migraines

  • Digestive issues 

  • Heart conditions

  • Respiratory ailments

  • Low energy 

  • Grief

  • Phobias

  • Heals minor and major diseases

  • Gaining motivation and self-esteem

Major diseases or psychological health issues take more frequent sessions and time. Long distance sessions are just as effective as in person so you can receive the healing wherever you are.


Relaxation Massage 

If you are looking for a truly deeply relaxing massage, then the traditional Swedish massage is for you. The therapist will use flowing strokes that are gentle, but firm, in order to completely relax the muscles and work out any tension or knots. The amount of pressure used can vary from light to firm, depending on the client’s needs. There are five basic strokes that are common in traditional Swedish Massages which include:

  • effleurage – a long gliding stroke

  • petrissage –  kneading, rolling, wringing and lifting strokes

  • friction –  a warming stroke

  • tapotement –  a percussion stroke

  • vibration – rocking, shaking and trembling movements

All of these strokes are utilized in order to give you a relaxing and sensational massage. Throughout the massage, we use a relaxing oil blend to tantalize your senses and deeply relax your muscles. Chamomile oil naturally replenishes your skin and will:

  • make your skin appear brighter, clearer and refreshed

  • soothe any skin irritation you may have

  • help reduce and prevent any breakouts or blemishes.

Lavender is a wonderful pain reliever that, applied topically, can seep into your muscles and release any inflammation and soreness. The smell is also beneficial for your body as it has been linked to pain relief, and is often used to treat headaches naturally.

With a true Swedish massage, your overall health and wellness will improve. Not only do the oils used provide health benefits, but the massage itself will:

  • help detoxify your body

  • increase your circulation

  • alleviate your muscle tension

  • dilate your blood vessels allowing for an increased blood flow

  • deliver an extra boost of oxygen and nutrients to muscles and joints

Swedish Massages is great for anyone who is simply looking to relax and gain any of these benefits, but it is also perfect for people who suffer from anxiety, insomnia, depression, arthritis and chronic pain disorders.



Reflexology is a theory and therapy that uses the feet as map, or mirror for the whole body. Developed by Eunice Ingham in the mid-to-late twentieth century.  By manipulating, and applying pressure to certain parts of the feet, the whole body can be 'retuned' and brought back into balance. Reflexology entails the therapist applying various degrees of pressure to sections of the feet. 

Benefits of Reflexology: 

  • ​The client regains physical and mental balance 

  • Relieves pain, stress and tension throughout the body, 75% of diseases are estimated to be stress-related 

  • Restores hormonal and physiological balance 

  • Dissolves physical and energetic stagnation

  • Backpain

  • Migraines

  • Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

  • Astha 

  • Respiratory Problems 

  • Bladder problems 

  • Menopausal and period pain 

Reflexology stimulates the body into healing itself by improving circulation, reducing stress, pain and restoring natural balance. This is because your nervous system- which controls almost every aspect of your health and wellbeing- can be influenced by outside factors, including touch. 

Hot Stone Massage 

Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Therapy is a healing and peaceful treatment that is used to create a balance within the body. Hot stones offer intense relaxation by combining heat therapy with Swedish massage that will calm your racing mind and ease the tension from your muscles and body. If you’ve never experienced a hot stone massage from a professional, then you really are missing out on something amazing.Throughout your massage smooth water-heated basalt stones will be placed gently on to key points on your body to:

  • soothe your nervous system

  • relax your muscles for deeper work with less pressure.

The size of the stones varies, according to which part of the body your therapist is treating. The direct heat from the stones will seep into your muscles and relax them more quickly and deeper which means that the massage itself is more effective and intense than a traditional massage. The heat of the stones improves:

  • The circulation by forcing the body’s circulatory system to dilate

  • The pumping action of  fluids and nutrients into your muscles

  • The removal  and filtering out any of toxins

Our massage therapists will incorporate a customized massage variation of Swedish and Deep Tissue massage with hands and the use of hot stones.

Hot stones massage will:

  • Melt away stored tension

  • Ease muscle stiffness

  • Recharge your energy levels

  • Reduce chronic stress and tension

  • Increase flexibility in joints

  • Provide relief from pain associated with fibromyalgia, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome and other chronic conditions

You will feel deeply relaxed and meditative after your Hot Stone Massage Session.

Who Shouldn’t Get Hot Stone Massage?

Hot Stone massage is not appropriate if you have:

  • Diabetes

  • High blood pressure

  • Heart disease

  • You are pregnant

  • Have sunburn

  • Have had recent Surgery

  • Nerve Trauma

  • Neuropathy

  • Heat Sensitivity

  • Blood clots / prone to blood clots

  • Are on medication that thins your blood

  • Taking medications that have reactive side effects to heat



PRESSOTHERAPY is a non-invasive detoxifying treatment. It is performed using a specialist bodysuit with many compartments and a computer which controls them. These moderate compressions promote the body`s natural clearing function by helping expel toxins, excess water and waste products. It can be combined with massage therapy and is perfect after vigorous exercise.

What does it feel like?

You will feel alternate compressions and decompressions, similar to a blood pressure monitor.

Treatment can help:

  • Increase lymph flow, blood flow, and oxygenation which will enhance your immune system

  • Provide relief and comfort for heavy legs (alleviate oedema and swelling).

  • Through better function of lymph and blood flow assist in better kidney, heart, and other organ functions.

  • Prevent varicose vein and deep vein thrombosis.

  • Digestion and weight management (accelerate metabolism).

Head Massage 

Head Massage

To remain young looking, vibrant and fresh, it is important to keep the scalp, face and neck healthy. One great way to improve the health of these areas and for instant relief from tension and stress is to get an Indian Head Massage from one of our skilled masseuses. Treatment is performed without oils with you seated and fully clothed. Our massage therapist will massage your scalp, face, neck, shoulders and upper arms, using a variety of different massage techniques and pressures to stimulate these areas and balance natural energies to clear any local blockage of negativity and to release tension. Indian head massage promotes instant stress relieve, youthful looking skin and hair, and provide you with a myriad of health benefits.

Indian Head Massage alleviates:

  • tension

  • headaches

  • eyestrain

  • sinusitis

  • congestion

  • insomnia

  • aching shoulders

  • stiff necks

leaving you feeling calm and relaxed, yet with improved concentration and mental alertness.An Indian Head massage is a wonderful way to promote health and healing throughout your body.  It can:

  • aid in relieving symptoms of anxiety or depression

  • provide stress relief

  • improve your ability to concentrate

  • renew your energy levels

  • increase your feelings of well being

  • boost your memory

  • initiate hair growth

  • rejuvenate skin

  • help ease headaches and migraines

  • help your lymphatic system drain

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