Relaxation Massage

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Duration Price
45 min 45
1 hr 55
90 min 70


If you are looking for a truly deeply relaxing massage, then the traditional Swedish massage is for you. The therapist will use flowing strokes that are gentle, but firm, in order to completely relax the muscles and work out any tension or knots. The amount of pressure used can vary from light to firm, depending on the client’s needs. There are five basic strokes that are common in traditional Swedish Massages which include:

  • effleurage – a long gliding stroke
  • petrissage –  kneading, rolling, wringing and lifting strokes
  • friction –  a warming stroke
  • tapotement –  a percussion stroke
  • vibration – rocking, shaking and trembling movements

All of these strokes are utilized in order to give you a relaxing and sensational massage.Throughout the massage, we use a relaxing oil blend to tantalize your senses and deeply relax your muscles. Chamomile oil naturally replenishes your skin and will:

  • make your skin appear brighter, clearer and refreshed
  • soothe any skin irritation you may have
  • help reduce and prevent any breakouts or blemishes.

Lavender is a wonderful pain reliever that, applied topically, can seep into your muscles and release any inflammation and soreness. The smell is also beneficial for your body as it has been linked to pain relief, and is often used to treat headaches naturally.

With a true Swedish massage, your overall health and wellness will improve. Not only do the oils used provide health benefits, but the massage itself will:

  • help detoxify your body
  • increase your circulation
  • alleviate your muscle tension
  • dilate your blood vessels allowing for an increased blood flow
  • deliver an extra boost of oxygen and nutrients to muscles and joints

Swedish Massages is great for anyone who is simply looking to relax and gain any of these benefits, but it is also perfect for people who suffer from anxiety, insomnia, depression, arthritis and chronic pain disorders.

Add Facial to your Full Body or Combination Massage for only €25!

To book your appointment please call: 01-8055533 or 087/3333142

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