Scoliosis Treatment

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Massage Info :

Duration Price
1hr 15 min 65
Follow up 1hr 55

Scoliosis is an abnormal curvature and twisting of the spine.

As the spine curves sideways forming an “S” or long “C” shape rather than a straight line, the individual vertebrae also change their position, rotate and twist pulling the ribs out of shape. This may create prominence or “hump” on one side of the back.

Scoliosis may occur due to the result of disease or injury however 70 – 80 % of cases are classified as idiopathic; that is there is no known cause.
All these changes in our body are possible because of muscles weakness and imbalance. Weak, overloaded, stretched or shortened muscles lose their supportive function. These muscle imbalances cause further problems like uneven weight distribution and enforce the “scoliotic balance” of the body

This may lead to:
– Pain due to pressure on the spinal cord and nerves
– Degenerative changes in the spine

– Vertebrae and discs becoming compressed and wedged on one side.

-Vertebral slippage combined with rotation and even subluxation may result.
– “Frozen chest”: limited chest expansion, which can lead (in severe cases) to decreased breathing capacity
– Overall limited spine motion.
– Flat back syndrome


– Kyphosis

– Lordosis

– Stenosis

– Bone spurs

– Arthritis



Therefore treatment must primary improve posture, restore balance, starting from the feet, legs and hips so the body can regain its original shape and be able to hold the spine in its normal upright position.

Using a mixture of  neuromuscular techniques(NMT) and the Schroth method helps to improve posture, reduce pain, relax muscles, improve flexibility, increase lung capacity and stop curve progression.
The treatment is not a quick fix (but in very mild imbalances patients can notice improvements quite rapidly). It requires commitment, education and self-awareness.

A treatment based on the Schroth Method consists of special breathing techniques and exercises to correct the spine in three dimensions because scoliosis is a three dimensional deformity.
The purpose of these exercises is lengthening, deflection and de-rotation of the spine plus de-rotation of the ribs and pelvis.

Scoliosis can develop at any age, but in children it is a much serious problem because it can progress rapidly.


Scoliosis can often go unnoticed in its early years and is rarely painful in its formative stage.
It may be detected by symptoms such as:
-One shoulder appears higher than the other.
– One shoulder blade is more prominent that the other.
-The head seems shifted off to one side.
-A tendency to lean to one side.
-The waist is uneven.
-One hips seems higher than the other.
-A rib hump on one side of the back.
-A greater distance between the arm and the body on one side than on the other when the arms are hanging down loosely at the side.

Treatment :

The mixture of Schroth and NMT techniques sums up to:

  1.  Posture assessment and education.
  2.  Orthopaedic massage and neuromuscular techniques including soft tissue release, muscle energy techniques, positional release, strain-counter strain and more.
  3.  A home programme that involves exercises and appropriate breathing techniques.

Please bring/wear sports bra and shorts.

Initial consultation is about 1.15 hrs.