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About us



Deep Relax Massage studio will be renamed The Body Care Clinic. We are excited to bring you more therapies such as dry needling with electrostimulation and new treatment packages.

Furthermore, a nutrition therapist will be joining the team so stay tuned for special deals!


Although we are bringing in changes our mission statement stays the same. Each treatment is customised to the patient’s needs and through continuous education and training we are always striving for an excellent standard of care.  

Our Pure Natural Massage Mediums

455We strongly believe that natural massage mediums are a very important therapeutic tool in Relaxing and Therapeutic massage. Therefore we only use and will always use pure natural massage mediums in our therapy. Our massage oils, creams, butters and body scrubs are free of:

  • parabens                          
  • preservatives
  • additives
  • synthetic fragrances
  • chemicals

Answers to FAQs: 

  • What to wear: When coming for a Neuromuscular/Orthopeadic massage or Scoliosis treatment please wear/bring comfortable clothing such as shorts and sports bra/vest so assessment and exercises may be carried out comfortably. 
  • Draping: Draping will be used during the session, to ensure the privacy and comfort of the client and therapist. The body will be covered except the portion being massaged. 
  • Scheduling: Massage is by appointment only. Please call 01-8055533 or 0873333142 to schedule your appointment.
  • Payment: Credit cards will be accepted in the near future but we only accept cash at present.
  • Ethics: All services are for therapeutic purposes only. Please do not contact Deep Relax if you are seeking any kind of illegal/inappropriate sexual or erotic/sensual services.
  • Refusal of Service:We reserve the right to refuse to perform massage on anyone whom the Massage Therapist presumes to have a condition for which massage is contraindicated.